The son of Pafil the king of elephants.
Very compassionate and loves others. Cheerful and having great
binge eating.
His body is huge and round. The other called him the distraught.
The child friend of Shadfil. He is an angry elephant.
Fast-tempered and arrogant, characterized by his physical strength
and high grace.
He always tries to be the best in everything.
Beware of this man! He is an evil, not in his heart any place
of mercy... He is the commander of the king's army and his
aide, did you notice the crab he used instead of his right hand
that has been cut in one of wars he fought!!!
A small girl that lives in Yemen, very compassionate and almost be
in decisive positions, she loves to take care of animals and help
them, but she lives in difficult circumstances in life, chance led her
to become a friend of Shadfil.
It is not easy to be a rat on a ship of savage hunters, but the hardes
t is to use your knuckles to turn the events upside down only for
finding your food!